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Why choose MW Marketing for your marketing options?

“We help your business by leveraging 3 technological forces that are changing the business landscape.”

Machine Learning AI

The technology we use leverages Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence to predict, with accuracy those users who are ready to purchase. By analyzing the pre purchase behavior of other users we are able to find the behaviour patterns that lead to a purchase and find new users who display those same behavioral traits.

Behavior Tracking

Over 50 Billion pieces of online behavior, from over 225 Million U.S. Consumers is collected daily by the technology we use. Things like: keyword searches, content consumption, and campaign response all help us in targeting the right users with the right advertisements to ensure maximum R.O.I.

Identity Resolution

Once the identity of the real-time data is resolved, the machine learning AI can begin to predict which users are ready to buy; thanks to Identity Resolution you know exactly who those clients are. It is those users we then target with your message as they are already in your marketing funnel and are the quickest path to profits.

The technology used collects 50 billion real-time pieces of online behavior daily, pieces like:

  • Keyword Searches
  • URL Level Navigation
  • Content Consumption
  • Campaign Response
  • Past Purchase Behavior






Target the prospects and customers that matter.

When we’re able to “match back” your website visitors with the information in our consumer database, we can turn an anonymous prospects into “flesh and blood” leads — a “Demographic of One.” This is information that you own and control…forever. Giving you the ability to extend your marketing…to automatically send a postcard to a prospect who’s been to their website, for example. Or reach out via a phone call.

Use intelligent data to purchase advertising that works.

Because our data is based on real-time BEHAVIORS, not demographics and not probabilistic data but DETERMINISTIC data, the commonalities that the platforms analyze to create the lookalike audience are laser-focused. For example, when Google or Facebook analyze your list, their algorithms will quickly determine the behaviors those prospects are exhibiting and share (keyword searches, URL-level navigation, content consumption, etc.) center around one thing — they’re in the market for the product or service you sell. Once this is determined, it’s easy for them to provide even more prospects who are exhibiting those same behaviors. So it’s simple…the better the input (our behavioral data), the better the output (Laser-Focused Lookalikes).

Interested in leveraging this technology for your business?

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